Planet of the Apes 2




The story takes place in 1968, an accident, Taylor (Charlton Heston Charlton Heston) and Nova (Linda Harrison Linda Harrison) ship traveled to two thousand years later in the timeline, they arrived on a planet ruled by apes, until the two found the remains of the Statue of Liberty on the beach after they realized It turns out that this is not some alien planet, but the only home of mankind – Earth. The sudden appearance of a huge crack in the ground allows Taylor and Nova to transfer into the vast and complicated underground world, they have to face, is the ape leader Dr. Zos (Maurice Evans Maurice Evans) relentless pursuit.  In 1970, in order to save Taylor and his group, the rescue ship came to Earth, which knows also traveled through time and space, Brent (James Francis James Franciscus) is the only survivor on the ship, and finally lucky and Nova successful rendezvous. The two inadvertently learned that the ape group to eradicate all human plans from the Earth.