Planet of the Apes 4



Circus director Emmundo (Ricardo Montalban) takes in and protects a lonely orangutan named Caesar (Roddy McDowall). Under the care of Emmondo, Caesar grows up, and the relationship between him and his “father” Emmondo is very close.  A virus has wiped out cats and dogs on the planet, and with the loss of their most loyal friends, humans in need of animal companionship turn to orangutans, who are very much like them, and thus keeping orangutans as pets becomes the new fashion. However, the brutal nature of humans made the lives of these originally gentle and kind orangutans unbearable, and they were tortured and abused, losing their freedom forever. Finally, the orangutans decided not to put up with it anymore, and under the leadership of Caesar, they heroically revolted, vowing to overthrow human oppression and domination.