Planet of the Apes




a Spacecraft Departed From the Twentieth Century After Six Months of Near-Light Flight, Equivalent to Seven Hundred Years of Time, the Captain Taylor (Charlton Heston Charlton Heston) Set the Automatic Flight State, the Ship Finally Crashed in the Year 3978 Ad on a Strange Planet. Taylor and the Two Surviving Team Members Found That the Planet Is Comparable to the Environment of Earth, and Surprisingly There Is No Language Ability to Rely on the Collection of Human Life, Not to Wait for Taylor to Carry Out Further Investigation, a Group of Intelligent Human Apes Suddenly Appeared Will Be a Group of Human Capture. It Turns Out That the Planet Is Owned by Apes, and Humans Are Just Beasts for Them to Hunt and Study. Dr. Kira (Kim Hunter) And Her Boyfriend Connelly Are Conducting Research on Human Behavior and the History of Apes Respectively. Academic Community. Taylor, Who Has Been Trying to Fight for His Freedom, Soon Finally Discovers the Truth About the Planet of the Apes ……